At Fetch 'n Fun we strive to make a dog's day; a day in paradise. We pride ourselves on providing ample opportunity for dogs to exercise and socialize, balanced with a priority on safety. Dogs can discover new activities while enjoying their favorite games. Fetch ‘n Fun offers daycare, boarding, and grooming. Dogs will be assesed on their first day to determine if daycare is an appropriate place for them to spend their day.

Dogs may attend daycare any number of days. We recommend that you keep to the same schedule if possible. When the dogs enter daycare, they go through a routine of establishing their ‘pack.' The fewer changes to the pack the less anxiety the dogs will feel which means they can get to playing sooner. The staff is particularly careful to watch for anxiety in dogs, as they assist in canine introductions.

Beginning Daycare: All dogs are assessed as to their ability to get along with humans and other dogs. How well they respond to humans, and interact with dogs as a group are all part of the assessment. At the end of your first day you will be told how your dog did in these areas. Once you decide that Fetch ‘n Fun is the place for your dog, s/he will be placed with a group of dogs according to temperament.

Nap Time: The dogs are on the go from the minute they come through the door. Just like children, they need some down time. Nap Time is daily from 12-2. No dogs can be dropped off or picked up during this time. The dogs are each put into a crate and given a treat while the lights are turned off and music plays softly. For their treat we place small bits of the treats you bring in with peanut butter into a Kong. Research has shown that his helps to calm dogs before they nap. (For more information, visit


Once a dog has begun attending daycare, he is comfortable with the environment. He is happy, eats, and plays well. This is the perfect place then for the owners to board the dog, instead of placing him someplace where he will be in a crate most of the day. Boarding dogs provides owners with great peace of mind while on vacation, and provides the dog with a home-away-from home experience. Dogs that are not daycare clients and come for boarding may experience greater separation anxiety, eat less, and appear unhappy. Staff will pay close attention to these dogs needs. For this reason, we ask that a dog spend at least one day at daycare before boarding. When boarding you may want to bring your dog's bed, favorite blanket, or something with your scent on it. For your dog's comfort we discourage late afternoon drop-off.


Nails: $12
Ears: $5
Nails & ears: $15

Bath package includes brush out, bath, and blow dry.
Small: $25
Medium: $35
Large: $45 and up