our mission

To provide a positive, safe, and healthy environment for canine companions to relax and have fun while their ‘people’ are busy at work.

benefits of daycare for dogs

- Eliminates boredom while owners are at work.

- Provides socializations for dogs who are essentially pack animals.

- Increases dog obedience.

- Provides exercise.

- Decreases accidents at home, torn furniture and chewed up shoes.

- Decreases separation anxiety when the dog’s family goes on vacation.

- Helps control barking and chewing while you are away.

- Creates friendships and trust with other dogs.

- Parent's mental and emotional well being is increased knowing that their dog is being cared for.

- Promotes good manners in dogs around other humans.

- At the end of the day a dog is less demanding because he is tired, and ready for family time.

- Lots of play time, fetching, and fun.