It's Luigi and Vincenzo here, and we have been proud members of the FNF family for years now. We love coming here because we get to play with our friends and run around all day having fun! My favorite time of the day is snack time (HA!), and Chenzi just LOVES the ball. We get to play all morning, then go down for a much-needed nap because we are "dog-tired", then get up to do it all over again in the afternoon. Sometimes we are aren't all that happy to see Momma 'cuz we don't want to leave! We love the new "Spa Services". All the staff love us and we in turn love them right back. Thank you FNF for making us feel so special. WOOF! - Annie and JP


WE LOVE FETCH N FUN!!!!! No seriously, Nate and I drive from out of state to bring our furry child to John and Susan. Never have we felt so comfortable leaving Tucker. We previously had some bad experiences that made us never want to vacation again, but are happy to report that we just came back from a three week vacation and Tucker never missed a beat. Of course, he was exhausted from all the playtime when he arrived home! John is incredible with the dogs. Despite having a commanding presence, he is extremely gentle and quiet - Maine's own Cesar Millan. Sue, his wife, is also amazing. She is kind and generous and wonderful to work with. We love our dog so much, and he is well taken care of at Fetch n Fun. My fiance and I recommend them to everyone and would drive even further to ensure the high quality treatment of our baby boy. - Christen and Nate


Ryver has been going to Fetch ‘n Fun once or twice a week since the opening of this wonderful service. She enjoys all her four-legged friends and looks forward to each visit. John, Susan, Nicolette, and the entire staff are very nurturing and caring. We know she is in a safe environment which caters to all her needs and recommend Fetch ‘n Fun to all. - Bob and Beth Fogarty


Duncan loves going to Fetch ‘n Fun. He has been coming since the first week they opened. It is a structured environment where Duncan gets to release his energy, play ball (one of his favorite activities), socialize with other dogs and yes, even a nap time. Duncan is always ready for bed after a day at Fetch ‘n Fun. - Stacy and Zack


I probably spend more time at Fetch ‘n Fun than any other dog, because my mom is a busy single puppy-mom. I told her not to worry though, because the staff at Fetch ‘n Fun can be trusted and I have a ton of fun. So now she lets me board once a week so I can have the Joakim family all to myself. I let her know how much I appreciate it by not being so destructive at home. She keeps telling me what a good boy I am because I don’t chew her shoes or scratch at the carpet, and I leave the cats alone. Since the cats won’t play, I am excited to play with my buddies at Fetch ‘n Fun. My mom has to calm me down in the truck as we approach the daycare because I start squealing with anticipation. I overheard her telling John once that she wouldn’t know what to do without Fetch ‘n Fun. - Zero and his mom, Raina


As natives of Nashua, NH, We first chose Fetch 'n Fun because we were vacationing in Wells, ME and we wanted to be near our new papillon, Moxie, in case anything happened to her. So we brought her to stay with John, and the Fetch 'n Fun family. Moxie was staying overnight for a whole week, and it was the first time she was going to be away from us since we got her at 8 weeks old. Needless to say, my wife was a nervous wreck. How would she be without us? How would this little 9 lbs dog hold up with much bigger dogs? But any fears were soon allayed as Moxie had a great week on her own vacation! She was happy, healthy and well exercised when we picked her up. My wife was so happy that Moxie would not be allowed to stay with anyone else. Unfortunately for me, that would mean driving Moxie an hour and a half north before going on any trips! We recently took a 10 day driving trip to Virginia, and I had to first drive Moxie up to Maine, and then turn around and drive the other direction for 11 hours, then, of course, having to drive the extra distance on the way home to get her. But you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way. We wouldn't trust Moxie with anyone else! Thank you John, Susan, and the rest of the staff. You're the best! - Brian, Janine and Moxie