Fetch ‘n Fun is located on 20 acres just off of Route 9 in Wells, ME. It is owned and operated by John and Susan Joakim who designed the daycare as an extension of their home. The Joakim’s maintain the philosophy that dogs are family and are happiest in an environment that is a “home-away-from-home”.

John has attended the Tufts Veterinary School of Medicine’s Canine Behavior Symposium, and has been called by some a 'dog whisperer'. His calm, patient, and loving way with dogs has been noted by owners of 'difficult' dogs, while the calmer dogs come to bask in his kind ways.

Susan has been certified as a Pet Care Technician and is involved in doggie foster care.

Kokeano, a Hungarian Vizsla and Co-Founder of Fetch 'n Fun, came into the Joakim's lives in 2002 and is the reason for Fetch n' Fun's existence. That year John, an Army medic in the Reserves, was activated and was preparing to go to Kuwait. Susan had always said she wanted a dog if John was ever to be activated, to provide a sense of security for their three daughters. One week before John left, Kokeano joined the family. Just two months later John made arrangements for Susan and the girls to go to Kuwait for a visit. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. While in Kuwait Kokeano was boarded at a local veterinary's office. When Susan returned home she found that Kokeano was not the same. He was extremely anxious, began peeing in the house and it was difficult to calm him down. Concerned, Susan spoke to one of the technician's at the vet's office. She was told that when dogs were boarding, they were only allowed out of their crate once a day for a few minutes and were not given any kind of attention otherwise. Horrified, Susan began looking for alternatives.

Shortly after, Kokeano began attending doggie daycare near Susan's place of work. He quickly regained his happy demeanor and learned many social skills. When John returned from active duty, it didn't take long for him to decide he wanted to own his own doggie daycare; one where owners could be confident that their dogs were well taken care of, as if they were in their own home. Three years later Fetch 'n Fun opened. The Joakim's credit Kokeano for this wonderful change in their lives. Kokeano loved playing with the dogs at Fetch 'n Fun and made many wonderful friends. Sadly, Kokeano was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and passed away six months later in January 2012, just days before his 10th birthday.


The daycare provides a place for your dog to run, play, and wrestle with other dogs while being guided by staff in good manners and behavior. Dogs are placed in groups according to their temperament. Dogs are assessed on their first visit to determine if they are eligible to continue attending.

Fetch ‘n Fun is a home away from home for dogs, creating an experience that is less like going to the vets, and more like visiting friends. It is our desire that dogs are happy and at home during their stay. This is especially important when owners need to board their dog. Since their dog is happy about coming here to play, having a slumber party just extends their fun, and gives owners the piece of mind that their pooch is not somewhere howling in a crate all night. Dogs see Fetch ‘n Fun as a home away from home.

All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations. Owners must submit proof of DPP, rabies, as well as Canine Cough (Bordetella), heartworm prevention and Flea/tick prevention is highly recommended but not required. Dogs will not be allowed if fleas are found. All dogs 7 months and older must be spayed or neutered.


Dog Food:

Since each dog has a different diet, we do not provide meals. Please bring your dog’s food in a sealed plastic container with a flat top. Be sure to write the dog’s name on it and the amount s/he eats as well as the times of day that s/he eats. You can bring the food daily or keep it stocked with us.

Tub of Peanut Butter (not the kind that needs refrigeration):

Bring on your first visit. For their treat at naptime we place small bits of the treats you bring in with peanut butter into a Kong. Research has shown that his helps to calm dogs before they nap. We will let you know when we are all out.

Small Treats:

If the treats your dog likes are bigger, simply break them into pieces. The treats you bring in are used for their nap time snack. If you have concerns about food allergies or tolerance, please let us know.


The safety of all dogs is so important that we must insist that dogs are always brought in and leave on a leash.